Rowing in Traditional Basket Boats in Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest

Hoi An is renowned not only for its ancient houses and dilicious cuisine but also for its enticing eco-tourism destinations, including the Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest. When you step into the Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest, you’ll immerse yourself in exciting activities like rowing, shaking boats, and racing boats, allowing you to enjoy the utmost fun and excitement.”

Rowing in Traditional Basket Boats

Rowing in traditional basket boats is an unmissable activity when visiting Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest. Visitors get to sit in small, round basket boats, expertly navigated by local villagers, and explore the hidden corners of the coconut forest. Along the way, you’ll witness the lush beauty of the coconut forest, with its vibrant green palm trees, the basket boats moored along the riverbanks, and flocks of birds flying in the sky.

Rowing in Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest

When sitting in the small basket boat, visitors will experience the tranquility and serenity of nature. The sound of paddles gently splashing in the water, the melodic songs of birds, and the whispering of the wind through the coconut fronds will make visitors feel like they have entered another world—a world of peace and poetic beauty.

Boat rocking is one of the most exciting activities in Bảy Mẫu coconut forest. Travelers will experience the sensation of swaying on the bamboo raft, guided by skilled boatmen who expertly rock the boat. The feeling of being gently rocked on the bamboo raft will bring joy and delight to visitors

Boat rocking

When the boat sways, travelers feel like they are flying into the sky, then plunging back into the water. This sensation is both thrilling and fascinating, making it an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Boat racing is a traditional activity of the local people in the Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest. Travelers get to participate in exciting and thrilling boat racing events. This is an opportunity for visitors to experience the culture and competitive spirit of the local community.

Boat racing in the Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest

Tips for Boat rocking in Bảy Mẫu Coconut Forest:

•         Wear comfortable and sweat-absorbent clothes.

•         Bring a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

•         Bring swimwear to participate in water activities.

•         Avoid bringing valuable belongings and items

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